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Welcome to the independent personal website of outdoorsman and writer Richard J. Taylor, traditional coracle maker, woodsman and wilderness

survival expert.

For 30 years I have been involved in wilderness survival and nature observation. I am also one of very few traditional coracle builders in the country crafting coracles using authentic methods and materials such as cleft laths and withies for canvas fishing coracles, and hazel and cowhide for more primitive skin coracles and curraghs. Woodland coppice crafts have also played a huge part of my life in the woods. Additionally I have demonstrated rural crafts such as coracle making and wattle hurdles at country shows and other public events.

Whilst I have been involved in coracle making, survival skills and coppicing on

a more commercial level in the past, I would be best described as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic amateur nowadays. Whilst I do sometimes impart my knowledge and experience online, I concentrate my writing efforts in features and columns in magazines such as ‘The Countryman’, ‘Living Woods’ and ‘Best of British’.

Away from rural crafts, nature and the wilderness I am a keen swimmer and road cyclist. I also enjoy real ales and classic rock and metal music. This site has been provided as guidance for those interested in coracles, coracle making, coracle fishing and wilderness survival rather than as a sales platform. I will however always give a bit of free advice and recommendation.

Thank you for visiting this website.